Pearlescent Pigment

Pearlescent pigments are special-purpose pigments that produce pearlescent base colors of silver, Gold, bronze ant etc. for special applications such as solvent based coatings and automotive Coatings. Pearlescent pigments are composed of synthetic mica platelets or artificial glass Substrates and consecutive semitransparent layers of metal oxides. They deliver superior Whiteness, brilliance and coverage with extraordinary optical effects ranging from a fine-grained Luster to a bold silvery white sparkle. Recommended for general industrial coatings, plastics and Printing ink applications.


Application : coating color industry, plastics, inks, cosmetics, buildings and more.

Golrang Faam with years of experience in distributing high quality reputable brands is ready to Supply different types of pearlescent pigments for use such as paint, resin, plastic, ink, building, Master batch and other industries.



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