About us

Golrang is a private family owned business that specializes in distributing pigments and Painting raw materials. It is founded by Mr.Abbas Kalantari in 1981 with help of his brothers. Soon with strong efforts and leadership opened many stores in Tehran Bazar and became a Big player and most successful distributor of all the time. they had a close business Relationship with brands like Merck,Schlenk and many other A brands at those times. Today Kalantari family remained very involved in the business.

Golrang Faam as the partner trading company of Golrang is established to approach to Quality and professional global brands for better and aggressive development.



To supply quality goods and competitive price for customer satisfaction.



A reliable and successful business partner in supplying a wide range of qualified products and brands in different industries.



• Being loyal to professional and ethical values.
• Respect to the customers.
• Professional reputation.
• Learning and experiencing.
• Organizational Commitment.
• Professional attitude.


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