Organic Pigments

Artificial or organic pigments that are in powder form, plays an important role in the paint Industry, such as paint, coating, gloss, hardness, toughness, increased adhesion, and so on. Nowadays organic pigments are far more common than inorganic pigments. Some of the newest Pigments have an organic metal structure. Most organic pigments are organic chemicals which Are precipitated on an aluminum hydroxide mineral core. The most important organic pigments Are phthalocyanines, which comprise a spectrum of blue and green, and copper phthalocyanine Is a blue pigment that is a valuable pigment due to its good resistance properties. They Synthesize phthalocyanines from phthalic and urea.


Application : coating color industry, Plastics, Inks & Buildings and more.

Golrang Faam with years of experience in distributing reputable and high quality brands is ready to supply different types of organic pigments in different applications like paint, resin, plastic, ink, Building, master batch and other industries.



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